Chesterfield County Community Church is a contemporary church located in Chesterfield, SC.

Our mission is to reach and love people where they are! We believe that the world is changing and the way we reach people should also change. We can never compromise the message of the Gospel but we must change our methods in order to win the world for Christ! There are 59 Southern Baptist churches in this county and most, if not all, are primarily traditional churches. Therefore, we are not trying to do church “better.” We are simply doing church “different!” By being different, we hope to reach those people that are not being reached by other churches.
Our vision is to be a community of people who have been changed and are committed to seeing others changed for Christ as well.

We believe we can reach this goal if we use the following principles…

Compassion- We seek to reach others by loving them where they are! As we build relationships with them and prove that we care about them, we will earn the right to share Jesus with them!
Conversion- As we share Jesus with others, we believe they will accept Him as their personal Savior. This change will cause new Christians to desire a closer walk with Him!
Commitment- As we disciple new believers, they will become more committed to Jesus. When they are “sold-out” to Jesus, they will make a difference every where they go!
Contagious- When others see and hear the difference Jesus makes, they too will desire the life that only Jesus gives! With this approach, we believe we can win the world for Christ!
We value loving all people and are compassionate about seeing their lives changed. By being committed to Christ, the world will know that we are different and they will desire to be like us!
Our Celebration services incorporate drama, music, testimonies, and Biblical preaching. We use concerts and crusades to draw unchurched people to Christ. Our goal is to share Jesus and His love in a way that will encourage people to seek a relationship with Him.
In the future, we will use “small groups” to help people connect with one another. These groups will be relational at first with a goal of leading each small group member to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. These groups will meet on a weekly basis and we will seek to add members weekly. As these groups grow in number we believe each member will also grow spiritually.
We focus on discipleship. We teach members to grow in their faith and therefore lead others in spiritual growth.
We have leadership seminars and classes for new Christians and new members. The goal of these classes and seminars are to help each person find their spiritual gifts. Once they know what God has placed them here to do, we can aid them in fulfilling their personal mission.
The ultimate goal of the Chesterfield County Community Church is to be a “Kingdom-focused” church! We will seek to plant new churches. Our vision for church planting is to plant 3 contemporary churches in the next 5 years. We hope to train pastors immediately that will accept the call to pastor these churches. We will also train missionaries to work on local, state, national and international fields. We believe that God will allow these efforts to make a tremendous impact on people around the world. Our desire is to see the entire world won for Christ.
We are a Southern Baptist Church that is a part of the Chesterfield Association and the South Carolina Baptist Convention. We support both with our prayers, attendance, and finances.